4 Compelling Reasons For Switching To A Milan Silk Pillowcase


In this day and age, we are constantly being told the latest and greatest beauty tips, and it tends to get overwhelming very quickly. With one tap on a phone app, advertisements are immediately thrown at you left and right. It’s difficult to decipher which products actually yield results and are worth investing our hard-earned money into. But there are select products that can quite literally be life-changing, and a Milan Silk pillowcase will, without a doubt, be one of those things. Why, might you ask, would the material of your pillowcase be a topic of discussion? Is it really a big deal? In short, yes — there are numerous benefits for making the switch to this high-quality silk pillowcase, but read on to discover 4 compiled reasons why it will revitalize you while you sleep and be your saving grace.


milan silk ivory mist- 100% mulberry silk 22 momme pillowcaseWe’ve all been there.Your alarm abruptly   begins with its sharp and unwelcoming   ringing, and you hesitantly crawl out of bed   to begin the monotonous process of getting   ready. As you drowsily shuffle into the   bathroom, flip on the light switch, and squint   into the mirror, you see your familiar and   disheveled reflection squinting back at you.   Your hair is frizzy, matted and dull, and the   next dreaded step of untangling and   smoothing it out is both painful and time-consuming. What if you could avoid this unpleasant process by merely swapping out  your pillowcase? By making the switch from your old pillowcase to a silk one, this irritating morning routine may be avoided all together. Not only that, but the tightly woven silk fibers will enable your hair to be able to retain its moisture that an ordinary pillowcase would absorb. 

Now let’s talk silk proteins. I bet you had no idea silk even had proteins in it, because really, who does? It’s not common knowledge, but it’s a fun tidbit of information to know so you’re aware of the benefits you’ll be reaping from using your silk pillowcase. Silk protein has the ability to replenish the hair with cysteine which is one of the 4 amino acids needed to produce keratin. Additionally, as a result of hydrolysis, hydrolyzed silk protein has a low molecular weight which means it has a greater ability to infiltrate the hair strands. As it penetrates the hair, it improves its elasticity against breakage while also forming a protective barrier on the hair.This barrier or shield serves as a means to improve shine while also preventing the hair against moisture loss. These 100% mulberry silk pillowcases create a smooth surface for your hair to glide over, avoiding the friction that would occur with a cotton/polyester pillowcase. This means less frizz, breakage and creasing in your locks, which leads to — you guessed it — shinier and healthier hair in the long run. You can enjoy your styled hair for days!


      Sound too good to be true? I get it. But let’s go ahead and ease any potential skepticism by breaking down the explanation behind why silk pillowcases treat your skin with the love that it deserves. Since the surface of silk is undeniably smooth and gentle on your skin, this eliminates the possible Milan Silk - Passion Pink Dream Collectionmorning creases that a regular pillowcase leaves on your face. Additionally, because of the lack of friction, your face will not have to suffer throughout the night getting pulled on in a million different directions. Over time, this could lead to premature wrinkles as well as the fact that your typical pillowcase would suck all the moisture out of your face. Because of this, those sucked-in oils in your ordinary pillowcases can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Gross, I know, but necessary to think about! For those of us who struggle with acne and sensitive skin in general, the long smooth fibers of the premium quality silk don’t rub or irritate delicate tissue or preexisting acne which can lead to further breakouts. What better way to attain glowing skin than to place your head on a luxurious silk pillowcase, along with slipping on a silk eye-mask (see our Milan Silk Dream Collection) and fall into a deep tranquil sleep?


milan silk girl waking up out of bed in the morning At some point in our lives, we’ve all heard   what lack of sleep can lead to. From bags   under your eyes to weight gain, mood   changes to high blood pressure and risk of     heart disease, the plethora of long-term,   (and short-term) effects of sleep deprivation   are undoubtedly alarming. Your body needs   sleep just as it needs air to breathe, so we   should treat our sleeping chambers with the   highest regard and make them as   comfortable and lush as possible! If you’re a hot sleeper and sometimes wake up with those distressing night-sweats, silk pillowcases are temperature regulated and will certainly help you stay cool throughout the night. Not only this, but their hypoallergenic nature is a welcome feature for allergy-prone individuals, so you will sleep comfortably from the time your head sinks into your pillow, to when the sun begins to rise the next morning. Because getting less than about 7 hours of sleep can lead to serious health consequences, it’s important to treat yourself like royalty and let yourself drift off into dreamland blissfully with your cheek pressed into the cool silk surface.


Have you ever walked into a house,     perhaps one belonging to a friend or a   neighbor, and from the time you enter   through the foyer to the very moment   you  exit, it’s as if you were transported   to a model home out of a magazine?   You know the ones, with the pristine   sparkling clean kitchens, exquisitely  decorated living rooms and the stunning and enviable master bedrooms? As Francis Atterbury, an English bishop of the 1730’s once said, “its attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning.” Even if you don’t have the budget to have a perfectly decorated house, paying attention to the small things will give a cozy and desirable feel to your home decor. Besides the skin, hair, and overall health benefits that a high-quality silk pillowcase will provide, it is also a beautiful addition to further balance your home’s feng shui. The extravagant look of a silk pillowcase leaning against the headboard of your bed will instantly make your cozy bedroom appear well-appointed. Your home is your safe-haven and your resting place, so if not to impress your visitors, owning a Milan Silk pillowcase will make you smile every time you enter your boudoir.

 Fair warning — after ditching your old pillowcase for a silk one, it’s probable that you will become that person that travels everywhere with their pillow. But hey, do so without shame! Because after experiencing healthier frizz-free hair, glowing skin, greater quality of sleep and enjoying the luxurious aesthetic appeal it brings to your home decor, you won’t want to go anywhere without it. You’ll be addicted to your silky smooth pillow due to how it makes you feel every night when you lay your weary head on it. Before you know it, you’ll be preaching to all your friends, family and even coworkers about the many compelling reasons to make the immediate switch to a Milan Silk Pillowcase.