New Evidence Found In A Study By AACN About Eye Masks!!

New evidence suggests, sleeping with an eye mask can improve your recovery from a major surgery. After surgery, we undergo a healing period, especially after cardiac surgery. For some it can be a long road to recovery. The journey there is critical. One of the body’s main ways of recovering is through sleep.

Quality rest can be elusive since pain has a way of disrupting our sleep cycle and can leave us feeling the pain more intensely. It can be frustrating on many levels. Lack of sleep can make you want to crawl into the corner and cry. So, it’s important to have ways of improving quality of sleep and reducing your pain. Interestingly, one effective way is by using eye masks.

Now, sleep quality might seem like a small thing, but your sleep get has a direct link to how you feel after major surgery. Go from groggy to fresh and start feeling like you again.

What happens during sleep?

During sleep, the body releases hormones that regrow tissue, repair muscles, and boost your immune system. This is the best time to heal since you’re using less energy and less movement. Deep sleep in a dark environment signals the body to release melatonin and relax. Additionally, sleep reduces stress and promotes healthy cardiovascular activity. Incredibly important to a happy, healthy human.

Below we’ll show you exactly how to improve your quality of sleep/life by using our silk eye masks. We’re excited to share this with you and afterward feel free to check out some of our products. We offer high quality, silk sleeping products that everyone can enjoy and should.  

 1.Stimulate healing

During sleep, the same processes that regulate sleep also regulate inflammation. During healing, inflammation is good and natural, but too often our diet and lifestyles are hard on our bodies leading it to overcompensate. Excessive inflammation can be counterproductive to tissue repair.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is the deepest part of sleep where the body heals, we dream, and restores the immune system. During this time, inflammation goes down and the body fixes broken tissue, and repairs cells. Interrupt this process and it gets out of rhythm throwing your night off, prolonging healing. Everybody’s different but on average it takes about 90 minutes to get to this point after falling asleep.

During the night, many things can happen to interrupt sleep. Uncomfortable bed, excessive noise, and light just to name a few. The fewer interruptions the better you feel and more quickly heal. Getting a comfortable bed and sheets is a great place to start but let’s dig deeper.

  •     Light pollution

Light in your eyes as you sleep is a huge disruption to a deep, restful night. Full darkness boosts the production of melatonin in the body. We all know melatonin can help us get to sleep but it’s also produced naturally by the body. It helps regulate blood pressure and body temperature, helping you relax. Light from the outside and our cell phones disrupts its production. Our body has a hard time falling asleep and staying there for long.

 eye masks are the best way to keep light out of your eyes to get better rest, especially if you work night. Not only are they insanely comfortable but they are a cost-effective way to revitalize your life.

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2.Reduce stress

We live in a world that’s full of stress and worries. Always on the go, sleep was meant to be a great way the mind sorts out problems from the day. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with a eureka moment about a major issue in your life? It’s in deep REM sleep where we dream and are said to play out different scenarios that translate into greater real-world survival. A good night sleep is crucial to reducing stress and emotional health.

Have you ever lashed out at someone for no reason? Have you ever felt in a haze all day and wondered why you were angry? Many times, it’s due to lack of sleep, specifically deep REM sleep. Our body keeps telling us we need rest and we ignore it or load up on caffeine, which inevitably wears off very quickly. You might not be able to improve the quantity of sleep you get but silk eye masks can help improve the quality which is much more important.

 3.Pain Relief Alternative

An interesting study by the American Association of critical care nurses (AACN) took 70 people, all heart surgery recipients. Then, they were randomly chosen to sleep with or without a sleep mask for 3 nights following the procedure. On a follow-up questionnaire, they were asked to report sleep quality and level of pain.

Incredibly, the group using eye masks reported significantly improved sleep and rated their pain lower than the control group. It appeared to be a direct reflection of their sleep quality, showing how powerful one little change can be. When done regularly can transform your life, permanently.

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 In conclusion…

We’d love to help you get amazing sleep for years to come. If you’re recovering from cardiac surgery, the sleep you get right now is crucial to your recovery. Get back your life and take back your time;So that when you wake up in the mornings, you’re refreshed and ready to conquer the world. You’re worth it and deserve nothing but the best.

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